October is our Favorite Month!! February 17, 2015 13:06

The Halloween windows are up and they are my favorite windows perhaps in Siren history! The theme isHaunted Library. Here are some pictures…


Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven on Mary Green silks!


Alfred Hitchcock


The back of Hitchcock has a bird. Only one, thank goodness!


Tarot cards - check! Ouija board - check! Devil mask - check!


There are so many goodies in these windows, I barely know where to start. Center stage we have the silk chemises, screen printed with a woodcut image of Edgar Allen Poe, the Raven, and Alfred Hitchcock. The Hitchcock chemise also has a bird on the rear! Nothing like bringing a bit of the macabre to bed with you! All around these beautiful centerpieces are enchanting objects – tarot card plates, mercury glass skulls, the ouija board tray, venetian masks, creepy creature dishes, vials of mysterious potions and cannisters of questionable contents. And books – lots of spooky books! What better way to celebrate the advent of Halloween than with a good, scary book? Chilling movies are fun too, and we are posting some of our favorites on our Facebook page. You may or may not have known that Maria is a fan of horror movies from way back and has seen just about everything in the genre from the popular to the obscure. Grim and gruesome are her delights! Me? I am a confessed chicken. Bawk bawk!


If you would like to indulge in the spooky season with us, we are celebrating early! Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st we will be featuring intuitive tarot readings with the talented and popular medium Dorean. (Call the store for appointment information – she books up!) And of course we will have yummy treats – what’s happy about a Halloween with no treats?


Come in and see what intrigues you this spookiest of all months! Who knows what magic lies in wait?



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