It’s prom season! God help us.

Mothers and daughters, we’re finding, don’t often have the same ideas when it comes to styling for prom. Usually they come to an accord in the end, but the process is not always pretty! I have to tell you, if I ever said “ugh! whatever!” to my mom, there would have been no new jewelry, and possibly no prom. But that’s a topic for another blog! What it seems to boil down to is that daughter wants to looks beyond spectacular  but mom doesn’t want to break the bank. Where can these two apparently irreconcilable viewpoints find harmony? At Siren of course!

Clutches, as we always say, are fun but really you walk in with them and they end up on the table the rest of the night. So if you have something you can use at home, go for it. If you don’t, look for something fun, preferably something that either mother or daughter (or both) might use again.


Hard case clutches with a bit of sparkle that fit iPhones – hooray! We have black, silver, gold, gunmetal and some fun colors as well. And of course if you’re British obsessed as we are (we can admit it) there are these too…


Obsessed. It’s a result of growing up in the 80’s with all the fabulous alternative British bands. It never leaves you. But I digress.

Or, maybe you have a dark side - a skull-loving, black-hearted secret demi-goth lurking in the corners of your persona. We love that about you! In that case, maybe you need to go more in this direction…


None of these clutches are going to break the bank, and there are more to choose from as well, so plan to come see us, and let’s move on.

Now as for earrings, we have some new lower priced sparkleys to choose from, including but not limited to these guys…


Of course we are seeing a lot of girls leaning away from bling and toward more color, both brights and softs. Here is a tiny sample, a taste test, if you will…


And even more popular are the beachy beauties and nudie exotics like these…

blog prom 3 earrings

Now as many of our local sirens know, on most days there are more earrings here at Siren than you can even digest in one visit. So come with an open mind, and preferably with your dress and shoes too, and get to tryin’ on!

Speaking of shoes, have you pondered your after-prom options for when you are done and I mean DONE with those heels? Here’s a little flat from Melissa that you will wear and wear and wear…


Available in sparkley silver, sparkley gold, sparkley pink, and sparkley black – did I mention they’re sparkley? Is that even how you spell sparkley? Maybe glittery is more what they are. You get the idea. This silcone flat can get wet – it can even get dirtied up because all you have to do is run it under the tap to rinse it off – it is your no-worries little shoe and it couldn’t be cuter! And after hours of dancing in heels, your feet will thank you a million times over! This is a buy you will not regret, and I swear you’ll wear these all summer and beyond! I LIVE in them. And I’m not even going to prom this year. 

So moms and daughters rejoice! Find peace on the middle ground here at Siren. I’m breathing a sigh of relief on your behalf already! Now come in and get gorgeous!

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