Jars and potions, magical fragrance – these things have always intrigued us. And so we have decided to build an apothecary section into our collection of beautiful things here at Siren. We are only choosing things we love, of course. The most magical elixir of the moment is Rodin Olio Lusso. If you’ve opened a women’s magazine lately (or even a men’s magazine – they were in GQ), there is a good chance you’ve seen this stuff. An amber oil in a simple glass jar with a dropper, and a write-up extolling it’s miraculous virtues, along with the story of its creator, Linda Rodin – a supermodel from before the phrase was coined turned New York stylist. In her quest for the perfect skin regimin, she ended up concocting this mix herself, after two years of experimenting. Her fashionable friends all began to demand some for themselves, and thus, the line was born. The Luxury Face Oil was first – it’s the original. But the line also now includes Luxury Body Oil, a super-emollient Lip Balm, and a Luxury Hair Oil. (”Olio Lusso” means luxury oil, fyi. In Italian, I believe.)


The Vogue write-up

The Vogue write-up

We were so intrigued by all this that we decided to carry the whole line – Olio Lusso for the face, for the body, for the hair, and even the lip balm. Maria is swearing by the face oil already, crediting it for the new, bright perkiness to her complexion! Come in and try a few drops!


The Oprah write-up

There are many other fabulous items already in our apothecary of beauty, and more still to come. Stay tuned, sirens!

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