January Blues

Maria and I spent part of the day at the gift show today. We saw some of our usual favorites and are pondering some new things, but I’m happy to report that the show overall seemed quite busy, and I always feel like that’s a good sign for business generally. So I guess it’s time to be thinking about Valentine’s Day! Not one of my favorites, but I do like the color red, and I don’t mind the little chubby cherub with the bow and arrow. This is the time of year where I have to  keep reminding myself that the days are in fact getting longer, though it’s barely perceptible, and the prospect of boxes of chocolate arriving is a cheery one. And of course we’re creating our own sunshine here at Siren in the form of  fun and creativity! Maria and Antonio are working on some cool pieces for a Valentine’s window, and I’m gnawing on Rosemary Potato bread from The Kneaded Bread – it’s all good. I must never complain.

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